Baptism is a very powerful picture (type) of what happens spiritually when we are born again.

It is a outward (public) display of what happens inwardly (spiritually) when we are saved.


2 Greek words to understand;

Bapto = “to dip” – a temporary or momentary act

Baptizo – “to immerse so as to bring upon a permanent change


Bapto – Is what we do physically - “to dip momentarily” – it is a symbol of Baptizo

Baptizo – Means we have been so immersed in Christ that a permanent change has taken place. It means we are now completely identified “In Christ.”


Illustration: To make a pickle, you take a cucumber and first “Bapto” it into boiling water to clean it (dip momentarily). Then you “Baptizo” it into vinegar (immerse so as to bring upon a permanent change). Through “Baptizo” the cucumber changes permanently into a pickle.


Baptizo” is used in the N.T. for both the “symbolic act” of baptism (being dunked), and the “complete identification” of being ‘immersed in Christ’


Rom 6:3-5 – What do these vs’s say about our “Baptizo” (our identification) in Christ? See also Col 2:11-13.


Matthew 28:19 – Our Great Commission is to make Disciples & Baptize them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The word in Mat 28:19 is “Baptizo” – This word is used for both the physical act of baptism, and for complete immersion in order to bring on a permanent change.

Is it possible that both definitions apply in the Great Commission - being both physically baptized and being immersed into the full nature of God in order to bring on a permanent change?


Is Baptism Important?

Mat 3:13-17- Jesus is our example - & He was baptized before beginning His public ministry

The N.T. church gave an important place to baptism (Acts 2:41 , 8:26-40 , 9:18 , 16:31-33)

Heb 6:1-2 – lists baptism as one of the elementary principles of following Christ

All believers should be baptized as a public testimony, and out of obedience (Acts 8:12, 18:8)


Infants should be “Dedicated” (1Sam 1:27-28), not baptized – The physical act of baptism is only meaningful after the spiritual act of “Baptizo” (being born again) has occurred.


Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation?

No record of Jesus baptizing anyone, a strange omission if baptism is necessary for salvation

The thief on the cross was “immersed” into Christ By Faith (Baptizo) – but never dunked (Bapto)

The N.T clearly teaches salvation is BY God’s Grace and THRU our Faith ALONE – with no works (Eph 2:8-9 , Rom 4:1-6 , Titus 3:5-7 , Rom 10:8-10 , Jn 1:12 , Jn 3:16-18, etc)