Marriage Mentoring

Marriage Mentoring is obeying God's call for an area of our life that HE created, that HE initiated. Marriage isn't our idea; it's God's idea. He calls us to be faithful and fruitful in an area that HE created. Marriage isn't only about the couple, it's about the family. And God is about the flourishing of relationships within the family and with Him.

For more mature marriages in the Lord to come alongside younger, struggling couples in a mentoring role as we all seek to see God's fulfillment in each marriage.

If you are seeking Marriage Mentoring or interested in helping other marriages through the spiritual battle that surrounds Marriage, please contact the church office at (951) 928-8582. Let us help one another keep the bond that the Lord created between man and woman strong.


God's Design for Marriage Self-Study

Pastor Dave’s marriage series has been studied by groups and individuals around the country with tremendous testimonies of God strengthening and restoring marriages as couples begin to live out God’s design for marriage.

Now we have the God's Design for Marriage study available as a self study using the Discipleship Journals! Start your own home group or have an intimate study with your spouse about how to strengthen your marriage in the Lord!



To get a copy of the self study workbook and CD set please call the Church Office at (951) 928-8582.


You can download the work pages and listen to the Marriage series at


God's Design for Marriage Groups

Hello couples. Did you know that God has a design for your marriage? If you’re married or plan on getting married this class is for you. This class reveals transforming Biblical truths about marriage, with interactive sessions and homework.

There are many tremendous testimonies of God strengthening and restoring marriages as couples begin to live out God’s design for marriage.

John & Brenda Fierro start this 12 week class on an as needed basis. If you and your spouse, or soon-to-be spouse are interested, please fill out the form below. Come learn how God designed your marriage to really work!

Marriage Class Signup

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