The Psalms speak to every possible situation and emotion that we can experience in life. They are the Prayer-Book and Hymnal of God and His people. Here they are arranged in 5 Psalms a day, starting with the calendar day of the month. You can read all 5 psalms on that calendar day, taking you through the entire book of Psalms in 30 days. Or you can read the Psalm of the calendar day the first month, the second Psalm in the list the second month, etc, taking you through the book of Psalms in 5 months.

Each Psalm is followed by a brief commentary from With The Word Bible Commentary, written by Warren Wiersbe. I would suggest reading straight through the Psalm once, then reading the commentary, then meditating on the Psalm the second time you read it.

Having some idea what the Psalm is about, apply the truths of this Psalm to your life. Talk to God, and, more importantly, listen to God as the Holy Spirit applies the living Word of God to your life.

Psalms  7  -  37  -  67  -  97  -  127