Our Pastor

Dave Shepardson


In 1979 Pastor Dave was working and living in a top recording studio in Hollywood. The first time he ever attended a Bible believing church (Apr 29, 1979) the Lord radically saved him. He never returned to Hollywood, married his high school sweetheart, and started serving the Lord.

Pastor Dave attended L.I.F.E. Bible College and started doing home Bible studies soon after he was saved. He and his family Co-Founded Calvary Chapel Menifee in 1992 (hiring a Sr. Pastor), and they Co-Founded Calvary Chapel Nuevo in 2001 (as the Sr. Pastor).


Through our Word-By-Mail ministry, we've distributed over 400,000 vs-by-vs Bible teachings on Cassette Tape , CD, & DVD, around this country and into the world.
From this small church in Nuevo, we have over 5,000 people who have downloaded our Word-By-Mail Bible teaching phone app.


Dave's incredible family has sacrificed tremendously for him to be in the ministry. They have soared and suffered together in the service of our Lord. Their children were 6, 5, and 3 when they started their first church, and they have literally grown up in the spiritual battlefield for souls. Danielle, Breezy, and David are all married with wonderful children now and all serving the Lord faithfully. To this day the family still serves the Lord together, all-in for Him.


Pastor Dave is overwhelmingly grateful to his family and to God. Dave's supreme desire is to know Jesus more each day.