From The Jewish Prayer Book - A Morning Prayer

Pam and I have just returned from a month in Israel, where we have been with 2 groups of church family and friends. In honor of our time there, here is an adaptation from The Jewish Prayer Book;

Thank you Lord God, who ever lives and endures, and who has restored my soul. Great is your faithfulness.

How good is your dwelling place Lord, the place I always desire to be, and the place I can only enter because of your abundant mercy. May I always worship in your presence.

O Lord, I love your dwelling place, where your glory rests. I humbly bow before you Lord, my maker. I fall upon your eternal grace O God. From your unconditional and abundant mercy, Lord, thank you for saving me.

Adapted from Siddur Avodat Israel © 2008 Jewish Daily Prayer book. Pg 3
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