Your Instructions Are Perfect

Praying Psalm 19:7-11

Lord, your instructions are perfect, they revive my soul. They give me new life. They restore me. Your decrees and teachings are trustworthy and sure, following them makes me wise even though I am simple. Your commandments are right, they will bring joy to my heart if I will follow them. Your commandments are pure and bright, they will enlighten my eyes and give me insight for living. My reverent worship of you, opposed to anything else in this life, is pure and will endure forever.

Lord, your laws are fully and entirely true and righteous, each one of them. They are more desirable than gold, any amount of gold. They are sweeter than honey dripping from the honeycomb. Your instructions are my warnings in this life. They guide my path and keep me from destruction, and in keeping them is great and eternal reward.

Lord, give me the strength to trust your ways, your truths, and your instructions, above my own thoughts and above this world's influence. In you is true life, both now and for eternity. Fill me with your Spirit to this end. In your name Jesus, amen.
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