You Alone Are My Reason

A meditation on Psalm 16 (please read Psa 16 first).

I take refuge in you alone, Lord. My faith is in you alone. I have no good apart from you. Oh, the sorrow of those who have run after other things (god's) that you have not given them.

You alone are my inheritance. You, personally, are my blessing. You guard all you have given me. The land you have given me is a good land, because you are in it - and you are my true blessing.

I have set you before me, and I will not be shaken. Because you are at my right hand, I will not be moved. Therefore, my heart is glad. I rejoice, and I rest in the absolute safety of your presence.

You will show me the way, and I will walk close to you. For only in your presence is there fullness of joy. And in walking hand-in-hand with you are the greatest and most lasting pleasures of this life and eternity.

Selah, Amen.
Pastor Dave
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