Only God Gives Inward Peace

Praying Psalm 62:5-8.

(5) Oh Lord, only you give inward peace. Let all that I am wait quietly before you. You alone are my hope, I will depend on you and I will wait as long as you say. My hope is in you alone.

(6) You alone are my rock and my salvation, the solid rock under my feet. I will stand in you alone. You are my fortress where I am safe, and I will not be shaken.

(7) My victory, my help, and my honor come from you alone, Lord. You are my refuge, my safe harbor, my rock where no enemy can reach me.

(8) So I will trust in you alone, and completely, at all times. I will pour out my heart to you, I will lay down my life for you. For you alone are my refuge, my fortress, and my place of safety.
I am rock-solid secure in you alone, Lord. So I will rest in you, and trust in you, and wait on you alone. My hope and my peace come from you, nothing else. Thank you Jesus. Amen.
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