Praying 'Trust in the Lord' Scriptures (2)

Please pray for our friend Leanna who lost her younger brother today.

Psalm 27:4 & 8 The one thing I ask, LORD — the thing I seek most — is to live, to dwell, to rest in your house; today and all the days of my life, delighting in your perfections and meditating in your Temple. Lord, that is what I need today. My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me.” And my heart responds, “LORD, I am coming.”

Psalm 73:26 My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God you will remain the strength of my heart; you are mine forever.

Psalm 29:11 Lord, you will give me strength, you will be my strength. You have promised to bless your people with peace, Lord. Please pour out your strength and your peace on me today.

Psalm 91:1-2 Lord, you promise that if I will dwell in your secret place, in the secret place of the Most High God, that I will abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I need that, Lord. I need to abide and to rest in your shadow, in your good care. I will say of you, Lord, that you are my refuge and my fortress, you are my God, in you alone will I trust.

Isaiah 12:2 God you are my salvation; I will trust in you and will not be afraid; for you, LORD GOD are my strength, my song, and my salvation.

Isaiah 30:15 Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel, you have said, “In returning to you and resting in you shall I be saved; in quietness and trust shall be my strength.” I will rest in you, Lord. I will trust in you alone. I know you will be my strength.

Isaiah 44:8 I will not tremble with fear, Lord. I know that you alone are God. No one else is a mighty rock for me to rest on and trust in. I fall on you alone, Lord. You are my mighty rock and my safe fortress.

John 14:27 Lord Jesus, please pour your peace that surpasses understanding into my life right now, the peace that you left with us, the peace that you gave us. Please overwhelm me with that peace right now, that my heart would not be troubled, neither would it be afraid.
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